April 7, 2009

Love of the Ladies Inspired Jackson's Acting Career & Other Revelations

Twilight Examiner has a new exclusive Jackson Rathbone interview! When asked about his early start with Pickwick Players doing musical theatre, Jackson revealed:
“My parents made me join the program because I wasn’t making friends at school when our family moved to Midland, and my sister had joined the group. I started off as a tech-guy, building sets and running sound and the lighting boards . . . then I noticed the guys on stage were [the ones] getting all the girls, so . . . there you go.”
Read the rest of this interview here. Thanks, Amanda!


  1. Where did you find this picture? It is one of my favorite Jackson pictures ever. I'm like Ana, I love the dimples.

  2. What a cool guy and what a great interview.
    He's sounds really awesome.
    I love what he said at the end:
    "“Appreciate that everything in the world has lined up perfectly in order for you to exist...Take five minutes to yourself, and count everything little thing you have to be thankful for...it’s good for the soul."
    What a cool guy.

  3. Jackson is a good looking guy and all but I simply can't be attracted to a man who is prettier than me. And dammit, he's pretty! LOL

  4. Jackson isn't bad but I think Edward is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much hotter!!!! My list for whos hotter is:

    Jacob isnt hot at all!!!!

  5. no offense it team jacob but for those of u who have read the whole series what he did in eclipse was just wrong!!! (and yes the kiss)!!
    Oh and another thing the people that saying bella should be with jacob because edward left her well maybe u should read the second book again!!!! he left her to protect her not to hurt her!!!! its really annoying that people keep saying that!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!

  6. Nothing is wrong with Jacob other than his hottness. Is it fair for someone to be sooooooooooooooo HOT?????

  7. Heh heh. Jackson is uber, man. Jacob rocks so stop dissing him. k? Esward sux! Get that in ur head!!!!!! Seriously him and rob pattinson. ew...Yer.


  9. i think ur sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot u have such angel like face i love u!!!!

  10. I do like Taylor but I don`t like "Jacob" u know..
    I have read the whole series..
    I don`t like "jacob" much because he always tries to get "Bella" away from "Edward"..I mean..the girl has a boyfriend and she always says she loves him..if "Bella" would have said that she loves them both and don`t know who to choose I would understand that "Jacob" behaves like this..
    BUT she hasn`t said that..
    And the kiss in eclipse..that was too much..
    I I were "Bella" I wouldn`t have told him to kiss me..and I think she knew that he wasn`t going to kill himself ..I think in at this moment she knew that she loves "Jacob" (what I really can`t understand)
    I don`t hate "Jacob" or so..but I don`t really like him..I think I´m a member of TEAM EDWARD^^

    And I`m sorry if my english isn`t good because I´m German..

  11. He Is extremely sexy!

  12. Jackson is awesomme =) Robert is just too STIFF to be Edward. If there was a Team Jasper i'd be on that one. And Taylor/Jacob is too much of a pretty boy sorry to say.

  13. i like robert/edward to be with kristen/bella and i also like jacob to be with bella,too, but just a little bit.Jacob is hot,but you can't blame him because he's in love with bella! May be bella love both ed&jake but she hasn't known yet.So jacob still has to wait and was hurting bella edward couple.I think poor jake,and bella is a bit selfish,edward is too kind,too generous to love bella.I like all of them.
    And i'm Vietnamese so my english not too good


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