April 1, 2009

Love at Wurst Sight: ‘Twilight’ Fans Create Robert Pattinson Out of Sausage

I wish that I could tell you this is an April Fools joke, but it's not. Two gals in Germany have paid homage to RPattz by creating his image out of sausage:
Bänger said: “We both read the books and loved them, so we were really excited about the film coming out. When we went to the cinema and laid eyes on Pattinson, we thought he was amazing. Then Anna said, ‘He’s good enough to eat’, and I thought, what a great idea.

"We both love sausage, and we both love Rob, so why not combine the two?”
Read the rest of this funny article at Bild.de.

Thanks again to my Undercover TwiCrack Dealer.

P.S. There is a dearth of real news today. Sorry! :-)


  1. ?????????????????????????????????

  2. i'm pretty sure he makes a sexy sausage

  3. Holy Dracula! And then one friend said that I'm the freak one! Take this Sayuri! though!

    Mewww ><
    xoxo Lola Cullen


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