April 9, 2009

Kristen Stewart is 19-years Young Today!

Happy Birthday, KStew!You make me feel old. Seriously, why am I sitting here blogging about a 19-year old? Just kidding. Sort of. ;-)

Pic thanks to Kristen Stewart Fan, where you can sign Kristen's Birthday Card.


  1. Probably older than you. :) I don't want to say exactly how old I am, just in case I decide to lie about my age later on in life like my mom does. hehe.

    I'm married, no kids yet (though it's probably about time) and have a graduate degree, if that gives you a range. hahah

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. (ditto -- that makes 2 of us....shhhhhhh!!) heheh

  4. mums the word :) I deleted the number :)

  5. ps
    I love the web site! You do such a great job.

  6. jajaja that makes 3 of us then jejejeje i stop counting a couple of years ago jjeje thanks for the blog its perfect!!!! and a very Happy B-day to Kristen !!! she's soooo young jeje

    I hope i they do something for her on the set.


  7. oooh 19...that means she can legally buy alcohol in Canada now....things could get messy on set haha :)

  8. Happy Birthday Kristen!!!!!!!

  9. haha...my brother is older than her. haha. and I feel old now...but I am not as old as you girls...haha.

  10. wow i'm only 2 years older than her, happy bday to her!!!! i don't know why but i thought she was still under 18. and ladies age is just a number, you are as young as you feel ;)

  11. 28 Here <3

    I was downtown tonight, but not late... and I saw of no Bella-Birthday-Parties... I am sure photos and gossip will surface in the morning... can't wait

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