April 16, 2009

Juicy, Juicy Silliness: Badonkadonkadonk

Ted Casablanca made me giggle the other day with this post about RobSten:
We're told this seems to be the big concern stressing out the powers that be up in Vancouver, around the New Moon set, now that it seems pretty damn clear there's something smoldering between the two. Perhaps, enough to even warrant a meeting between R's and K's peeps.

See, our babe Stewart is supposedly still in a loving relaysh with Michael Angarano. So if that duo happened to break up and she coincidentally rebounded with a sexy costar, it could make her look slutty, and the man in waiting, sneaky, apparently (we don't think so).

That's why it would be much easier to just start phasing out the "current" boyfriend, something rumored to be in the works:

The media setups (Rob and Nikki, Jackson and Kristen) just aren't flying with you smart little Twi-Twits anymore, and people are most definitely taking notice.

Life & Style reports there's still drama with Nik and Robert, but we're told that stuff is still being pushed to the media to help slowly "out" Kristen and Rob.

Apparently Pattz and Stew are getting so fed up with being told what (and who) to do all the time that they are "refusing to play along anymore." How deelish!

"Rob has been seen coming back from the direction of Kristen's hotel at 1:30 a.m. and 3 a.m., respectively, on different nights," snitches our VBC eyes.
Read the rest here.

Seriously, do we really care if the good-looking Twilight Cast is bonking each other? ;-)


  1. If I were Kstew, I would take my opportunities when they come concerning Rob. I don't know how much of this I believe, but I imagine that Rob and Kristen have a really intense relationship anyway. It probably wouldn't take much to make it more.

  2. Agreed - let them bump probably-not-so-uglies with each other all night every night for all I care - as long as they keep making it to the set each morning!

    P.S. "Twi-Twits" - har!!

    P.P.S. Thanks to the nice folks over at LTT/LTR, now I am thinking "Spam" - thanks a bunch for that, guys.

  3. I love your blog, and come here often to enjoy funny intelligent people, but I really wish that you would not give that Idiot and use the term lightly, any hits, It pains me to see some of the stuff he writes, he is cruel and not funny, He was the one who started all that business with Rob and the BO. I don’t think it’s funny what he says, but that’s just my opinion.
    In fact he said today that Rob is in LA and based on your blog from today they were shooting the Party scene.
    So let’s not even mention that _______ insert word here.

  4. I say go for it on both parts. They're both young (Kristen love, you're far too young to settle down. Take it from a mum here...you're only a few years older than my daughter!!lol), she's cute and he's....well yeah he is isnt he!!lol.....Im sure they're all laughing at everything which is being written.

  5. All this tabloid stuff is all bleh - I much prefer making up my own stories: me, Rob... and hell, I'll share Michael with Kristen too!
    Mmm... Twi-sandwich :D

  6. I would love for this gossip to be truth, however it's probably just more BS.
    "Twi-Twits" indeed, Whatever!!

  7. He seen with this one! He seen with that one! He saids no one! and now She with this one! and she with that one! She says there only one. People please....Let stop being so crazy.. We love them yes but do we really need to make stuff up? Rob and Kristen are adults not our property. When are we going to let go already? Let Rob and Kristen do they job, that all I want.

  8. hahaha...um yeah. that made me laugh. like who cares if she would go out with him and stuff...on the rebound. she isn't a "slut" for doing that.

  9. Well, I'll admit that I did care at one point, but the Rob and KStew story is so 2008. Um, hello, Ted, get some new material.

  10. I like the Rob/Kstew story much more than the Rob/Nikki story. Kristen is 19, give her a break, you can't call someone who does serial monogamy a slut.

  11. I love it! Bonk away beautiful Twilight cast!

  12. Well, my thoughts....

    Ok, so Rob is the hot stuff right now. EVERYONE wants him but most of us (if not a all of us) will never HAVE him. But her...she can have him if she wants him. So, why not? I mean...isn't that every girls dream to have something others can't have but want to have? It's just in our nature.

    I would so do it if I could....

    Now, whether it's a viable relationship or not is another thing.

  13. Love your blog:)....but you are going to have to sue me, because I would love for it to be true:)


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