April 12, 2009

Caius Jamie Campbell-Bower Tweets About Wig-Fittings and Contact Lenses

Look what Twilight Treasury Emma dug up from Jamie Campbell Bower's Twitter page, dated March 26th. And thanks to my friend Danger Magnet for digging up this freaktastic wig-fitting pic!!


  1. I did a little bit of digging on his Twitter feed and came upon the 11:00 AM March 26th feed that says "Wig fittings are fun" and even came with a : pic . :-D

  2. I enjoyed twilight saga. Can you imagine Edward and Jacob’s beautiful faces on an even bigger screen?? Imagine no more! You can experience it come June 30th as @Twilight announced via Twitter today that twilight Eclipse will be released on IMAX screens on it’s release date! cant wait for the eclipse movie.

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