April 24, 2009

Jamie Campbell Bower Performs with the Darling Buds

HisCrookedSmiles went to see Jamie Campbell Bower's band, the Darling Buds, perform last night in London!
Jamie has an amazing voice (he sounds much older than he looks - maybe that's good for Caius too?!) and the songs are definitely good - think Kings of Leon meets The Strokes - how can that be bad?!

He was really nice about our asking for photos (seemed to be enjoying it rather a lot actually, lol!), had a bit of a chat with us and was generally a really nice guy - if very young... I hope he can handle Hollywood and, more importantly, Twilighters!
Check out cool pics & full story here.


  1. Blimey - you don't waste any time ;)

  2. The Darling Buds are really fantastic...just wish they'd play stateside!

  3. Kings of Leon are an amazing band. LOOOOVE THEM! The Darking Buds....can I you tube them? I live in The U.S. and never heard of them.

    Id love to see 100 Monkeys, too.

  4. wow we dont get much news from him *happy dance*


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