April 28, 2009

Jamie Campbell Bower Needs a Belt

Radaronline.com interviewed Laura of His Crooked Smiles (and Team Solomon) about Jamie Campbell Bower's band's concert:
Twilight Devotee Laura tells us that Campbell Bower rocked the house (which seems to be a trend for males in the franchise), and also rocked some low-sitting denim.

"He was playing the guitar like nobody's business," Laura says, "[but} I really wanted him to pull up his jeans!"

Despite the plumber wardrobe, the young star (of Sweeney Todd fame) graciously posed for fan pictures after his set.

"He seemed really flattered...like, 'Wow, I'm really famous.'"
Read the rest here.


  1. He's does nothing for me. But he is an exceptional actor. Have you heard is band TCA? Is he good?

  2. www.myspace.com/thedarlingbudsmusic - I recommend "Heartbreaker" in particular - not bad :)

  3. I agree juju. But I loved his voice in Sweeny Todd. He seems like a great character actor. Makes me excited to see what he does with Caius.

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