April 8, 2009

Jackson Rathbone Back in Vancouver, Playing Gigs & Looking for Help!

Lainey Gossip lets us know that Jackson Rathbone returned to Vancouver yesterday. See tons of airport pics here.

According to MySpace, sounds like he and his band, 100 Monkeys, will be playing two gigs in Vancouver (April 14: The Backstage Lounge, April 19: Rio Theater) and they are looking for locals to be on their Vancouver Street Teams to help spread the word:
We need a crack squad of misfits and maniacs to help 100 Monkeys in Vancouver.

If you're from there and want a chance at some free stuff hit us up!

Thanks Monkeys!
Thanks to Twilight Treasury for letting me know about the pics, and to Pillow Biters for the 100 Monkeys update. :-)


  1. he is so attractive! I forget in New Moon is he in the same class as Bella/Alice or is he one grade older? Because he wasnt on set yesterday for the high school scenes but I thought in the twilight movie he was at the greenhouse with all of them so he should be in the school scenes in New Moon right?

  2. I *think* he's older and has graduated high school by New Moon.

  3. :0 he already graduated high school by new moon!

  4. He is freakin' adorable. Love him.

  5. he is looking well in himself :) he's absolutely gorgeous :D


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