April 23, 2009

Internet Has Become a Tool for Vampire Hunters

In an article about Internet caution in the wake of the Boston Craigslist killing, the Vancouver Sun also discusses Robert Pattinson and the Twilight world of the net:
In the real world of Cullen actor Robert Pattinson, shooting the Twilight sequel New Moon in Vancouver, the Internet becomes a tool for vampire hunters both here and abroad. Lucky Nashville Twi-hards Sara Bennett and her sister Leanne Autry used some cyber-clues to track down Pattinson at a Vancouver club. They were rewarded in photos taken with their hero. By all accounts, Pattinson was the perfect gentleman, although he admitted later he's becoming "a paranoid wreck" under pressure from all the attention.
While information is readily available on the Internet (it's the nature of the beast), you can choose how you use it; I know that I've joked heartily about set-stalking on my blog, but in the end, we all want production to go smoothly and to be respectful of actors so that we can enjoy New Moon when it hits theaters.


  1. Wow. I hadn't heard of the Craigslist killing. That's so sad.

    I think what's more damaging to the actors isn't necessarily the fans wanting photos and autographs - it's the negative mean twist (and rumors) that some bloggers post.

    That's why I like Twicrack :) it's got all the news in a respectful fashion :)

  2. The story in the media recently of these girls tracking down the cast made me cringe. It one thing to hit a few hot spots in hope you will run into the cast. The fact that these girls used internet tools specifically for the purpose of tracking them, then to have their story all over the media. This just sets a bad example to others that this type of fan chasing is acceptable. Rob has just reason to be paranoid with fans doing this. Not Cool!

  3. It's kind of unfortunate that people put actors up on a pedestal, forgetting they're just like everyone else, with a little bit cooler job. I can't imagine what it must be like to have every little detail noted and exaggerated on...I'd be scared to scratch my nose in public for fear of tabs reporting that I was a disgusting, dirty nose-picker, which all media outlets would hype to ridiculous extremes.

    Give them space people!

  4. Amen Sista - - - I don't want to be a hypocrit but I live less than 25 minutes from every set I've been too - - - I don't have the time or money to travel for it - although I don't shun those who do... I simply think that there is a difference between hanging out on set to catch a glimpse or take pics of what you see to journal or scrapbook it and straight up stalking... Yes I have been to many sets and clubs that have led to meeting much of the cast....but I do *NOT* know or go to hotels nor do i try to get onto sets - i *ALWAYS* ask first - - - I actually did a journal on this recently because I was BEYOND frustrated... http://maliciousmandy.livejournal.com/154769.html

    Keep the Peace, Have Fun, Be Safe :)


  5. Poor Rob. He cant even walk to a cafe to get a coffee, in fear of a paperazzo waiting to ambush him with pictures and a string of questions on his personal hygein. But what makes it sadder yet, is he gets stalked by us, his fans. It's one thing to gab with your freinds on line about what a hottie he is, but to track him down...yeah, thats a bit sad. I think if I ran into him, I wouldnt approach him. One, Id be paralyzed with anxiety, and second, Id give him his space. Then I'd day dream that he'd wander over and buy me a drink and we'd fall madly in love....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. LOL.


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