April 9, 2009

If You Want Bella's Jacket, Get in Line...

Nylon reports that there is already a waiting list for Bella's jacket:
Today, Fred Flare began taking orders for the Bella Jacket, a blue cotton trench that Kristen Stewart sported as she climbed trees with her vampire crush.

The jacket sells for $64, and already has a waiting list.
Visit Fred Flare to see how you can pre-order your very own Twilight jacket.


  1. I think that jacked it cute, but that's all I need--to be wearing the same jacket every other SQUEEing 13-year-old is wearing.

  2. P.s. I wish Edward's jacket was available - I'd rock that shiz!
    ...just me?

  3. I much preferred Edward's pea coat. That heather gray coloring was very pretty.

  4. I actually just wanted those long gray knit gloves Bella wears...and I found TONS of them on etsy.com for cheap! Hooray!

    Definitely cannot jump on the ultra-trendy jacket wagon...who wants to look just like everyone else?!

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