April 30, 2009

I only know who these people are because of Goddess Stephenie Meyer

Before Stephenie Meyer's endorsement of Emily Browning and Henry Cavill as her preferred Ella and Bedward, I'd never heard of either of these people - and they'd never heard of Twilight. Also, by the time I lost my TwiVirginity, KStew had already won the role of Bella.

However, some of you may care to know how this Emily-person didn't become Bella:

Browning is eager to finally tell her side of the "Twilight" tale. "Maybe I should set it straight a little bit, because there are so many rumors flying around," she said. "People are coming up to me and saying, 'Oh, my God. You turned ['Twilight'] down?' and all this horrible stuff!

"What actually happened is that I was asked to audition — not take the part, but to just audition — shortly after 'The Uninvited' had finished filming," the actress said. "And I'm not the type of person who can just work back-to-back. So I was just exhausted, and I was like, 'I'm sorry, but I just can't sign on to a trilogy right now.'"

Read the rest of the article at MTV.


  1. Well no offence to Emily but I couldn't be happier that she was too exhausted to play the role of Bella =] Kristen Stewart is perfect playing Bella.

  2. I think Kristen Stewart is a pretty perfect Bella.
    But Miss Browning does have a very unique face.
    Henry Cavill is drop dead dreamy.

  3. Wow....she is really stunning.

  4. I don't know. I would hope she wouldn't have blinked so much. Oh well, we'll never know. I think she's prettier than Kstew that's for sure.

  5. holy...henry cavill is beyond gorgeous. never heard of him, but just saw some pics on imdb. don't start throwing stnoes yet... i think robert pattinson's hot and was beyond amazing in twilight, but holy hannah this guy is drop dead gorgeous. yes, i said holy hannah.

  6. I think this girl is too "different" looking. I always pictured Bella as being pretty average. I think Kristen Stewart is perfect for the role. I just wish there was less stuttering and weird breathing =X

  7. This girl is too high cheek boned Angelina J looking. Bella is supposed to be an average girl who is seen as beautiful through Edwards loving eyes. Kstew can play average or beautiful like Meryl Streep does. This is a female fantasy, hunky guys, average girls.

  8. I wish she could've got the role, she's a really good actress and unlike KStew, she isn't all monotone/excessively blink-y/forced stutter-y. Kristen tends to over act, or under act(?) and rarely gets it just right.

    Which sucks because I really liked Kristen before she did Twilight, but Twilight just showed me she doesn't have very much acting range, she just plays the character the same way in every movie she's in.

    Emily is different in all the stuff I've seen her in and her acting style isn't annoying and doesn't seem forced.

    Looks-wise, I always thought Emily was better too. Kristen is gorgeous and all, but she's very tough/harsh/intimidating looking when Bella is meant to have that girl next door look (even Stephenie said that was one of the concerns she had when KStew was cast - she said they managed to soften her look though, and they did but her attitude still shines through)

    Although, I actually think Emily is too good for Twilight (not that I hate Twilight, I just think Emily is too good of an actress to get caught up in all of the Twilight stuff and she'd constantly be linked to it no matter which role she played... I mean, she already IS and she wasn't even in the movie)

  9. Yeah, I can totally see her as Bella. Kristen has an interesting face, though. Kristen carries an attitude about her that I like for Bella. No one, in my opinion, could ever be Edward other then Rob. Rob has a look about him thats from another time. He's truly beautiful.

  10. I love Kristen! I saw The Uninvited and no offense but I can't imagine this girl as Bella!!!!

  11. I'm so glad she isn't Bella. Kristen is the perfect Bella. I can't imagine anyone else playing her.


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