April 18, 2009

I Can't Wait For The *Proposal*!

Lainey Gossip reports that Taylor Lautner was seen working out on set a few hours ago, and Rachelle Lefevre is back in Vancouver.

Lainey also reveals deets about this week's shooting schedule, which we mostly already knew, but also dishes on the *proposal* scene filming:
Monday this week, as I’ve already mentioned, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson were all on set by dawn. Very, very early starts to shoot on the edge of the woods. There’s a tense discussion between the three of them, then Taylor/Jacob leaves and wolf-transforms, then between KS and RP it gets kinda romantic as there’s talk of a wedding. Or something. They are shooting several options for a proposal, this is one of them – you’ll have to wait to see which they end up choosing.

These scenes were shot over the course of two days. They wrapped Monday afternoon, then went right back at it Tuesday morning. Once again, all three actors were picked up before 6am and worked steady for 12 hours. Also present: several adult fans taking the day off, hanging out all day in the hopes of catching a glimpse of their favourites driving by.

Tuesday night most of the cast was at the Jackson Rathbone 100 Monkeys concert with the exception of Pattinson who was released from set late afternoon, was in Vancouver but did not want to take any focus away from his friend and his band.

Wednesday night and Thursday night it’s been evening shoots at the Cullen House, working until almost daybreak for all vampires and Kristen Stewart. More of the same tonight (Friday).


  1. I think I need an intervention.

    I went to the site Monday, Tuesday... then the 100 Monkeys show...

    Wed and Thurs I went to the new site

    May go tonight

    how do i have all this time ?!? LOL

    Help!?!? My husband is so gonna divorce me LOL

  2. okay, every day I become more and more fangirly for Taylor... I feel like a creep, and even more of a creep for wishing I was that chick in the super cute pink coat! I love me some Taylor.
    Maybe if we got more news on Jackson I would be distracted and wouldn't swoon over the baby-man...maybe.

  3. My new favorite blog! Thanks. If I knew forsure where they were filiming I would defintely make the drive out just to catch a glimpse! :)

  4. I adore Rachelle. She seems so sweet and genuine, and of course (as you can see in the photo on here), gorgeous . . . but . . . WHY IS SHE FILMING IN NEW MOON??????

    She's not even IN the book, except for the faint 'red' glimpse of "something" at the cliff dive scene (and Bella only figures out/thinks LATER was Victoria's hair) . . .

    Are they expanding Edward's role in the movie by showing him tracking Victoria in S. America???

    I can't even BELIEVE I'm going to say this . . . it pains me to even THINK it, b/c more RPattz is not something I repel, TRUST ME!
    But New Moon is heartbreaking BECAUSE of Edward's absence. {gathering self in order to say this} . . . I really hope they don't show him during Bella's 'new moon' phase of life. I mean, we want to FEEL his absence too . . . that's what makes the whole emotional grab of the book so compelling!

    I hope they don't change it . . .

    (Multiple proposal scenes??!!! WHOOOO HOO! I sure hope the rest are in the deleted scenes on the dvd, ha! Oh, you know you want it, too!) <3

  5. what is the noise in the video?

  6. Yeah, I've got to second that last question. What on earth is that noise? It sounds like fireworks or someone banging trash can lids together. Methinks the clicking noise is a camera.

  7. PS to Mandy. I am so disgustingly jealous. It's hard core. How did the Monkeys sound in person?

  8. Hi everyone. I just discovered this blog few days ago and I love it!
    I was wondering about what Laineygossip said about the scenes: how can she know all that? I mean for some reason I doubt it's true cause they can't see "Jacob leaves and wolf-transforms", can they? the wolf-transformation is going to be done thanks to special effects and stuff...so does that mean she read the script??? or only the book and added personal guesses? (which we all do when we see a picture from the set. What about talking about "a wedding"???, this word is never mentioned in New Moon: isn't the "marriage" talk supposed to be just after the vote, not in the wood? and the proposal is not that romantic in New Moon, he doesn't even ask for an answer. It's in Eclipse that the proposal is formal and "romantic".
    I'm really cautious with all this stuff cause one can easily pretend to know what they are filming, they just need to read some detailed spoilers or summaries of the book, not even the whole book.

    JennJam>>>>>>>>>>> I agree with you and know what it cost you to say Edward should be absent from the movie the same way he is from the book :)

  9. Riddle: I wonder the same thing about Lainey.
    JennJam: I agree. Edward shouldn't be there. The reader is left in the dark with Bella.
    KDGrimmer: I'm with you. I have been a die hard Taylor/Jacob girl from the get go. I know it's wrong - but I don't want to be right.

    I'm kind of upset with the proposal thing. It's not right. It's not in the book. Plus, I get really upset thinking of them working Edward in during Jacob's time.

  10. "I'm kind of upset with the proposal thing. It's not right. It's not in the book. Plus, I get really upset thinking of them working Edward in during Jacob's time."

    Totally agree. The movie better let the audience get to understand the vast significance Jake has on Bella's broken life.


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