April 3, 2009

How You Can Get a Twilight DVD That Was Bitten By Robert Pattinson A Pair of Fake Steel Teeth

Another thing that I would think is more April Foolery, but was posted today at sugarscape:

Forget getting a boring old autograph, to celebrate the release of Best-Film-Ever, Twilight, starring the Hottest-Boy-Ever, Robert Pattinson, you can get your copy bitten!

Mad but true - this Monday 6th April in HMV's Oxford Circus (150, Oxford Street) flagship store, a steel version of Mr P's teeth will be 'biting' into the sleeves of Twilight DVDs.



  1. hahahahaha......how do you find this stuff? LOL

  2. Dude, giving us Brits a bad name *shakes head in shame*

  3. Ok, so I was in town today and figured I stop in to check this out - no teeth to be found! >:|


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