April 10, 2009

How Much Does 'I Love You' Matter?

Twilight Examiner has a cool article pondering how Chris Weitz is gonna pull off a New Moon proposal, when Edward and Bella never said the words, 'I love you.'
While Catherine Hardwicke did not forget to incorporate that element of the Twilight saga (that is, the sudden shifts from light chatter into deep conversation between Edward and Bella) into Twilight (and, some contend, perhaps too much so), the fact that there were no three word exchanges makes it even more difficult for The Twilight Saga: New Moon to adequately present a faithful translation of the book to film.
I dunno. 'You are my life now' was a pretty heavy declaration. And how many ex-boyfriends have we said we loved and now look back and think we were on crack? Sometimes I think that 'I love you' can be so trite and less meaningful than actions, like sucking the venom out of somebody's arm and being compelled to stop, when you just want to keep feasting on it.

Weigh in here. Thanks, Amanda!

P.S. I'm sorry, but I think that Bella's engagement ring is kinda fugs. Can't help it.


  1. Hum I'm with you - the you are my life now goes beyond "I love you".

    As for the ring - again I'm with you. It's not very pretty. But then again is that really as she described it? In my mind I pictured it a bit differently.

  2. I always thought that too - I wonder if they'll pretty it up for Eclipse...?

  3. I feel that their actions regarding each other (safety of them AND their loved ones) as well as the extraordinary circumstances of the story (VAMPIRES in high school!)are evidence enough that their love transcends any phrase. And even though some may say non-readers of the book would not undesrstnd the plot if they DON'T say it, it's become so popular now that it's practically become common knowledge!!

    The ring----bleeeck!! But really who cares? If edward gave any one of us even an old cigar bamd we would cherish it forever!!! :)

  4. That is the ugliest effing ring I've ever seen. And nowhere near as gorgeous as the one I picture in my head.

    As for the 'I love you' part . . . hmmmm, not sure. I think I'm gonna agree that actions can most definitely speak louder than words and sometimes "I love you" can be kinda meaningless. As the Snow Patrol song goes;

    "Those 3 words are said too much; they're not enough."

  5. What bubble gum machine did they pull that from?


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry for the delete.

    Oh my that is NOT what I pictured. EEK!!

    BTW, Edward did *say* I Love You in Twilight. He *lipped it*, in the garage scene. Right before Bella is hauled away (after You are my life now). For real, go back to that scene....and concentrate. You will see it! :)

  8. Well what did you guys think the ring would look like????? And i tdoesnt mattter anyways for this movie, Edward doesnt give it to Bella untill Eclipse.

  9. I am SO GLAD they didn't say "I love you" in the movie. What they DID say spoke VOLUMES more . . . "ILY" seems way more 'high school' than saying something like, "You ARE my life, now" and lines like that which SHOWED the love they share. I agree with you guys who've said that. :)

    Condensing a 500 page book into a 2-hour, underfunded movie is gonna cause flaws. They 'fell in love' too quickly in the movie b/c there wasn't TIME to show the slower flow of that like in the book. (They STILL could've made it a LITTLE longer, but . . I digress.)

    I'm really *so* glad they never said "ILY" in the movie and I think Edward can still say, "Marry me, first"

    Why not??

    Since the ring doesn't come into play until 'Eclipse,' maybe they'll "find" another one.

    (p.s. Is this THE ring? As in, where did this picture of the ring come from as Bella's ring?)

  10. Hardwicke was asked the question by a fan, "Why didn't they say I love you?" Hardwicke said something like for her B&E's love went beyond declarations, or something. I would have liked to hear it, but it was still evident to me in the film either way, personally. I do believe though, that in at least NM or Eclipse, we will hear it.

    As far as the ring goes- she get's the ring in Eclipse in the book. That's probably not it. I don't think the Props or Costume Dept. would have anything ready right now. That's prob just a guess of what it might look like b/c it's old and was E's Mother's. Personally, I think it will look a lot nicer.

  11. Eclipse, Page 458:

    "Nestled into the black satin, Elizabeth Masen's ring sparkled in the dim light. The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold- delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds. I'd never seen anything like it."

    I'd say the pic above is pretty close to that description.

  12. OMG it really makes me smile reading all these comments, I was begining to think I was the only one totally obsessed !!. Although I am a big slushy, I loved the film soooo much that it didn't really bother me that the "ILY" words were not said, it was implied though over & over. I will check the garage sceen just to see if Edward "lips it" though as that would be really cool. At the end of the day I really dont care as long as all 4 book to films are made !! Just so I can keep fixating on the romance !! P.S The ring not quite what I thought but who the hell cares as long as Edwards giving it !! Sorry team Jacob - you were always on a loser with me. xx Later everyone xxxx

  13. Osoo not about the love thing... but how thin is she. if anyone know please clue me in, cuz i was looking at that scene with kristen on the bed and saw her skinny legs... wow... no wonder edward fell in love with her she is so pretty

  14. what planet are you on Edward has professed his love to Bella several times and she his point and fact when he proposed "Isabela Swan I will love you forever and everday of forever will you marry me" and she said yes so talk what you know and know what you talk theres is a beautiful love story.


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