April 15, 2009

HOT: MaliciousMandy *Just* Saw KStew & RPattz on SET

MaliciousMandy went to the New Set and has a new report from just a short while ago:
We hear on walkie talkie that "the two shuttles are heading east" he replies with our vehicle description heading west and it was all ok.

So we keep going and see two very nice SUVs coming towards us. It's a very thin dirt road so we pull over and let them pass.....

vehicle one has K STEW!!!!!!!!!!

Windows down, looks right at us....

vehicle two has ROB PATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!


FML. FML. Read it all here.


  1. I know this is completely OT - but I just saw a VERY young Michael Welch in Season 8 of XFiles - episode called "Badlaa" . He can act!

  2. Aw, don't FYL :( I'm sure it's because your destined to run into Rob... in the seat next to you for hours on the flight home *mwah aah aaah* - you could even imagine you're Bella on the way back from Italy *sigh* ... it could happen! ;)

  3. i am sooooooooooooooo jealous
    and i agree
    you might run into rob soon!!!!


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