April 23, 2009

First Look at Harry Clearwater & Sam Uley Rescues Bella

Oh, I want Chaske to carry me to safety!
Yesterday in Vancouver – Chaske Spencer spotted in good spirits and your first look at Graham Greene, in town to shoot his sequences for New Moon. Both worked yesterday.

Where: in the forest.

What: Robert Pattinson/Edward takes off, leaves Bella/Kristen Stewart, and then people are looking for her and then Chaske carries her to safety.
See more pics at Lainey Gossip.


  1. Oooo the beginning. Yah!
    Love Graham Greene!
    I just watched them both last night in a Native American movie called "Skins".

  2. I am going to curl up into a ball and rock myself until Alice shows up at Bellas house.


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