April 7, 2009

Filming at Ridge Theater Last Night: Jacob's Wig is Way Cooler This Time Around

Vancity Allie got pics of with Taylor Lautner last night when filming took place at the Ridge Theatre.
The scenes being filmed here are the two Port Angeles movie theatre scenes in New Moon (when Jessica and Bella go to the movies, and later on when Mike, Jacob and Bella see a film).

Yes, we may have been twice the age of everyone else there, but we were okay with that. We waited about 2 hours before Taylor Lautner (Jacob) came out to take photos with the fans. What a class act. Totally reaffirms why I am Team Jacob.

Go check out her story and awesome pics here!

[Thanks, New Moon Movie!]


  1. My, I only live blocks away from the Ridge and I did see the filming vans parked across from there yesterday and wondered.....
    We have a guest suite which is located right in the actions it seems, Check us out at www.avalonguestsuite.com
    I'll be checking out the highschool today on my way to chorus which leads me right past it!
    Keep up the great work on your site!

  2. Wow.
    That's sooo way cool.
    I would love to meet him.
    I adore Jacob/Taylor.

  3. SO this...with the "tweets" below gives away the "top secret location" based on the timing, non?

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