April 8, 2009

Fans Swarm 'Forks High' & Catch a Glimpse of Stephenie

Vancouver Sun reports that students swarmed David Thompson Secondary today.
Several dozen students and fans gathered at David Thompson secondary in Vancouver Tuesday hoping a for a glimpse of the stars on the set of Twilight: New Moon.

They were not disappointed.

A few lucky Twilighters saw series author Stephenie Meyer beyond the barricades set up outside the school cafeteria where filming is taking place. A single officer from the Vancouver Police Department is keeping the crowd in line.

The four books penned by Meyer have sold millions of copies and spawned an army of fans worldwide.

Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan, was also seen on set today. Robert Pattinson, who plays vampire Edward Cullen, was not in evidence.

The halls and cafeteria at David Thompson have been redecorated to resemble the high school at Fork Washington, where the Twilight stories take place.

Forks High Spartans flags, banners and trophies (in a fake trophy case) were brought in to complete the look.
Read the full article here and see gallery pics here.

Thanks to...my HUSBAND! Now he looks out for TwiCrack for me. :-)


  1. Husband feeding you TwiCrack? Now that is true love.

  2. Great pictures. Great husband. Great story.

  3. Does he know you run the site now? ARe you now, non-closeted?


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