April 19, 2009

Fans Meet RPattz, Nikki & Spectacled KStew at Dills' Show at Metropole Vancouver, and He Smells Great :-)

Bye, Vancouver! While I was headed home on the red-eye back home last night, look at all the shizz I missed! THREE fan encounters with Nikki, Robert & Kristen!!
P.S. Back to normal, obsessive blogging this week.

First, Jen writes me:
met robert pattinson about 2 hours ago at Metropole in Vancouver! here is the vid!!!!! he was very nice, i met him a few minutes after i shot this vid. watch it in HD ok?


he was at the Dills little show with kristen and nikki, nikki is best buds with the lead singer. robert pattinson is hands down the nicest celeb out there, very humble and shook my hand like a gentleman. he smelled fantastic so please let the guy over at E know so he cuts it out. he was very gracious to the twi-fans that were there and posed for pics and gave autographs, as did kristen and nikki.
Thanks, Jen!!Also, Mandy (who is the lucky lady seen in Jen's video), has her own fan report & photos:
We were chillin' at our table when we saw Nikki Reed enter. She looked fabulous wearing a toque, grey scarf and high boots. I must tell you how much I adore Nikki, as if I hadn't told you repeatedly already eh? But we will get to yet another reason shortly.

Sage began playing.... she joked that the Dill's were the phantom Dill's tonight, as they weren't there.... so it was just her. She also gave a shout out to Her best friend (Nikki) who was a "superstar"

A few minutes later Kristen comes in. She is wearing very large glasses and a heavy jacket. She joined Nikki near where Sage was performing.

Very soon after Rob walked in. He looked around a bit to find the two ladies and then joined them.

As soon as he walked in MeMy just grabbed my leg and I knew - I tried to glance casually but my heart was thudding uncontrollably....

Patricia, a fellow fan who we had met at the 100 Monkeys Show was there and we chatted with her... very nearby where the three friends were standing, watching the band.

Patricia apparently bought a round for Robert.... very nice gesture :P

Rob came by where we were and girls had started to group... when I asked him for a photo he surprisingly said sure (I know he is not a fan of photos and can be worried about them being on a "blog somewhere" as he told Holly Conway from The Beat)
Of meeting Robert, Mandy writes:

I say to him "I am shaking" he says "why?" with a smile... I tell him he makes me nervous!!!! he tells me he gets nervous too - or don't be nervous or something along those lines - with a smile.... *melts*

I quickly try to figure out my cam while another girl gets pics and autographs. Seconds later, my cam is in working condition - - - battery in, set to still photo not video, flash on....
Live vicariously through Mandy here.

Now **Brie** also sends word that she met Robert & crew last night and will share more pics & story tomorrow! Whee. Need more TwiCrack.


  1. of corse rob smells good! the stupid magazines only made that stupid crap up!!! i though rob was going back to london???

  2. OMG,OMG!! I'm so excited to see the pics & read your story, I barely have words. I am honestly a little emotional. It's awesome that they are so very gracious to their fans. It makes me even more crazy about them & the movies! Such beautiful people & they seem really down to earth. Thank you Jen, Mandy, & TCA for all of the Twilight Love!

  3. Kellan told Jen that Rob is off to London soon, but he could be wrong, or throwing fans off...we shall see! :-)

  4. They are supposed to be filming at Bella's House next I guess (Why else is Bella's House footage as we saw in other post all set up and ready?!?!)

    So in New Moon - think of who was ever at the Swan House and those people are likely still here - the rest are likely gone!

    Soon they will all be gone!!

    Italy is so far :(

  5. I love seeing how friendly this cast is.
    Kristen is rocking those glasses.

  6. Please, please please tell me Nikki is gone for good! Not pretty at all and sure cn't act.


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