April 2, 2009

Fanpire RPattz Sightings in Vancouver

Head to ROBsessed to read about what happened when these lucky ladies ran into both Robert Pattinson & Sam Bradley in Vancouver and see more pics.

Also, Lainey Gossip has this new one:


  1. Awesome candids! I wish I could post them but my darn hosting service is down AGAIN, no one can connect and I've received literally 50+ messages from people all over the world wondering what happened. Keep it classy Dreamhost! =/

  2. I know, we're all wondering where our TwiCrack is, NMM! ;-)

  3. Is is just me or are 9 out of 10 fan pictures with any of the cast Asian? How does that work? (and no I'm not being racist in anyway, so no one freak out over nothing.)

  4. I really wish fangirls would stop asking for photos and then sending them to every site out there. Isn't it enough to say a quick hello and get an autograph anymore? (This seems annoying enough to me). Rob looks very sad in the second photo. In response to Allison. There is a very large Asian population in Vancouver. There was a huge migration from Hong Kong to Vancouver back in '96/'97 when the Brits were going to be pulling out of Hong Kong.

  5. Allison-You aren't being racist at all. I'm Asian and I don't feel offended=P I know someone that lives in that area and I hear that there is a very very large population of Asians there (I think mostly Chinese from what I've heard).And Rob does look really sad in a lot of fan pictures. I'm sure hes happy to take a few but just not all the time. I guess its just something he has to endure. Hes a nice guy.

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