April 22, 2009

Even Johnny Depp's Daughter Lily Rose Has Read New Moon

Thanks, Twilight Treasury! Source: Lainey Gossip


  1. how old is she??????
    even if she can read shes doesnt look old enough to understand the consept of love.

  2. My nephew is 10 and has read them all - he said he felt like crying when Edward left in NM *tear*

  3. I think it's awesome.
    I was reading Stephen King at age 11.

    It's important that kids read, they shouldn't be limited to what we think is on their level. It encourages a passion for literature, especially if it's something they themselves choose.

  4. It think it is fantastic that she is reading a book and not texting or on the phone. I completely agree with you Ashley, I was reading books probably not appropriate for my age group when I was younger and now I read whatever I get my hands on.

  5. OMG you people should be ashamed, let this family have their privacy.

  6. Kat, I'm the same way now. I just happened to stumble across Twilight because I liked the cover & then devoured the series.

    My policy is anything but textbooks currently :p

  7. That's an awesome picture! Go Twilight!

  8. Johnny Depp says that he doesn't care if the paps take pictures of him as long as they stay away from his kids. I think this is totaly disrespectfull...!

    Love the blog by the way :)

  9. *tear* wish i could be reading on a yatch ps and by the way shes 10 almost 11

  10. im only 11 and ive read them but she looks younger maybe

  11. I was reading Stephen King at age 7. Carrie, then Firestarter, and the rest is history ;)

    I adore books, and I have yet to read a book I didn't like. Reading inspired me to start writing screenplays and I'm now working on my first novel.

    Thanks, Stephen King, and my parents who never told me I couldn't read something.

    PS I have 4 daughters ages 9-13. They saw Twilight the movie, and we've talked about what happens in all 4 books. Our agreement is that when they're all done reading the first 3, we'll do an hour a night reading Breaking Dawn together. It's a great way to get the Twicrack, and spend time with my kids as well.

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