April 25, 2009

ET New Moon Preview

Thanks, LMCullen! :-)


  1. OOOOkay. These amazing behind the scenes secrets are really nothing but old news. The dream sequence where Edward is demonic...that peaked my interest. But everything else was nothing new.

    Why does everyone want Kristen and Rob together so badly? Maybe they arnt eachothers type? Have you scene Michael, her boyfriend? He's nothing like Rob.

    All the same, Rob looked fantastic. I forget somtimes how much I love his smile, and the way his eyes squint. So cute!

  2. OOOh dude i totally agree
    i mean they are real people
    and i doubt any of you would date someone
    just because everyone said to
    or at least i know i wouldnt
    So chill and let them date who they want.
    Everyone complaining and wanting
    them to get together isnt going
    to make it magically happen.

  3. Is it me or did Rob get a little bigger...not Taylor bigger, but it looks like he's filled out more than he was in the 1st movie.
    Damn, can't wait for Monday's ET, probably gonna show an interview from when he was Cedric Diggory in HP.

  4. Demonic dream sequence?
    I hate when they change an already perfect story.

    Bev: He does look fuller!
    TCA: Thank you so much for posting this. I missed it last night. You are a life saver.

  5. Ok I had to rewatch the Jacob/Taylor part.

  6. I agree, I'm so happy they're airing these clips because I would sit and stare at Rob all day, and I do love the way Taylor looks! But who does ET think they're fooling about the plot secrets? It seems a little insulting. But that's ok ET, keep condescending to us as long as you bring us more Rob!! And thank you TCA for being so incredibly fast and reliable!!! I don't know what I would do if I hadn't found you!


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