April 9, 2009

Dr. Who Peter Facinelli to Appear at London Film & Comic Con July 18 - 19

Peter Facinelli is going to be at the London Film & Comic Con July 18 - 19, and will take part in a photo shoot and talk over the weekend. Photo ops will be on sale soon.

He'll be joined by one of the dudes who played Dr. Who, a role that Peter aspires to play one day:

Peter said: "I wish we had Doctor Who in America.

"Everyone in UK was raving about it when I came over for the conference. I’d love to watch it. Or even star as the Doctor in a film. I could even get a long stripy scarf!"

Peter would be a much *hotter* Dr. Who, eh? :-) Read more about Peter's Dr. Who dreams at The Sun.

Thanks, Undercover TwiCrack Dealer!


  1. Um.. Just a little clarification and mini education.

    There were 10 men who played the Doctor (new and old series):

    1. William Hartnell
    2. Patrick Troughton
    3. John Pertwee
    4. Tom Baker (who you have pictured and who had the trademark scarf and who will be at the comi-con:))
    5. Peter Davidson
    6. Colin Baker
    7. Sylvester McCoy
    8. Paul McCann (TV Movie)
    9. Christopher Eggleston (New Series)
    10. David Tennant (new series)~~love him

    There will be a new one but um he is not cute lol

    The series airs here in America on BBC America and Sci-Fi (SyFy) Network. Currently the longest running television serial of all time.

  2. Thanks, GallifreyReject!! :-) Wow, are you a big Dr. Who fan?

  3. Twicrack, um yeah.. hence the name lmao!

  4. Whoop whoop - my friends and I have been planning to go :D

  5. Well, Peter Facinelli can play doctor with me anyday ;)

  6. Wendi: hahahahahahaha - I second that! ;)

  7. GallifreyR
    They won't know what your sig means if they haven't watched.
    Peter, Peter, Peter - oh dear, what a faux pas, he has no idea, this is a big time cringe comment.
    Oh man just stay quiet if you have no idea. Playing Doc Who - in ya dreams mate

  8. I really liked him as Carlisle. I think he could make a good Dr Who. That would make two characters that live a very long time!

    I am still new to the Twilight world (a newb!? Ha). I just wrote up a take on the movie of you are looking for a now guys take on it:



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