April 4, 2009

Switching Teams: Did You Know That Chaske Spencer Once Played a Vampire?

Team Sam! :)
NativeVue.org has a great interview with Chaske Spencer, the rumored Sam Uley, from March 2007, where I learned the following things:
  • Chaske's name is pronounced, Chas-K and means “first-born son” in Lakota
  • Chaske is a Guns n’ Roses freak
  • He was a heavy metal drummer in high school
  • Chaske played the lead as Dracula in an off, off, off Broadway play
  • He worked with Gil Birmingham before in the movie Skins
  • Chaske has a lot of pride in his heritage

“My real heroes are my father and my mother. They’ve always said, ‘don’t let anything stop you because you’re Indian.’ They’ve ingrained that into my sisters and my head. As Native actors, we got to be on our game. You can be stereotyped—with eagles screaming, people expecting you to know which way the wind blows, or that you’re spiritual. Not all of us can do that, you know…”

Read the rest of this great interview here.


  1. Cute guy, but I will forever and ever and ever and ever be Team Edward ;)

  2. I don't know if anyone noticed, but on New Moon Imdb page it says he plays Lakota!! Who the heck is Lakota?! hahaha
    I know Imdb isn't reliable, but it still confuses me.


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