April 15, 2009

Day 3 Part Two: Glimpse of the Inside of Jacob's House & Plastic Edward Breaks Treaty by Visiting Quileute Land

(See that smoke coming from the chimney? Some filming had just wrapped up there shortly before we arrived. *sob*)

Poopy Day 3 had one glimmer of joy: In addition to seeing Jacob's House, I met up with Brie and saw photos of the *inside* of Jacob's house!

After a busy night of sleuthing and morning of hanging out on the New Moon set, Brie had just uh..."left" the set of New Moon. With her newly found free time, Brie agreed to meet me at Jacob's house, and I'm so glad that I had the chance to meet this cool chica! Brie showed me the photos that she'd taken from the inside of Jacob's house, and they were wicked. Pics of little Jacob, Billy's wheelchair, etc.

(Brie showing me her pics)

(Hidden trailers ready to go near the foresty-New Moon set early Monday morning)

P.S. TwiTarded notes that Plastic Edward broke the Quileute Treaty by entering Wolfpack territory. Oops.


  1. Fan-frickin-tastic- you got to see Jacob's house up close and meet Brie!

    Always looking for the silver lining, girl...

  2. Oh my gosh
    I'm so jealous!
    I want to meet Brie and see her pictures!
    Love it!

  3. where is this place in vancouver? pls, let me know..i want to see them also...

  4. im jealous
    why do i have to live in minnesota, u.s.a??


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