April 14, 2009

Day 3 Part One: Don't Bring Your Husband Set-stalking Part Deux

How is it that I never learn my lesson?

Awhile ago I blogged about FMyLife, which is a place where you can vent and unwind by sharing a sh**ty moment that ruined your day with the following rules: You must tell your story in one sentence, and these short stories must begin with "Today" and end with "FML".

Here's mine from yesterday, but I'm cheating and using 2 sentences:

Today Mr. TCA and I actually *found* and arrived at the New Moon filming location, but I changed my mind at the last second because the unguaranteed chance of actually seeing any Werewolves & Vampires didn't seem worth risking a divorce and a week-long of "I told you so's" from Mr. TCA. Turns out, the people who stayed actually saw some filming, as well as Taylor Lautner. FML.

Here is the text message from lucky ladies Maggie & Trina that I got last night while I was stuck at my in-laws' house, sulking:
We met Kellan and Ashley today. Jackson just walked by us. Today has been awesome we got to see them filming for 3 minutes before getting kicked off the set.
As I said, FML. Do you know how *hard* it is to find the filming locations? To know and then have the opportunity dissolve in front of your face. Gahhhhhh!!!

Check out more photos from Maggie & Trina's Awesome Vancouver Adventure here at Twilight20somethings, as well as their tale of seeing Edward and Jacob on set:
We stop and look for a while and i see Rob as Edward and died a little inside. I saw Taylor as Jacob WITH short hair (HA!)and think Hmmmmm why are they both there???
So jealous, ladies -- but super-happy for you! Will see you tonight at 100 Monkeys with my Plastic Edward!

P.S. It's not that Mr. TCA is unsupportive -- actually, his willingness to drive me to the boonies of Vancouver is pretty supportive. It's just that Vancouver is a gorgeous, amazing place and we're supposed to be here spending time with the family and relaxing. Plus, as I've mentioned before, I am a closeted TwiCrack Addict and seeing me squee like a fangirl for the first time was a shock to him; he doesn't understand how much it is *killing* me to be here and not try to see anything. *sob*

P.P.S. Part II of Day 3 will come later; I met Brie and I saw my PRECIOUS! I'll be back...I need to go sight-seeing with Mr. TCA now and pretend that I'm not obsessed with TwiStalking.


  1. I am dying a little inside for you right now. :(

  2. Aww hon'...That really sucks...I feel your pain.

    Peace. Love. Twilight!

  3. I stood in that very same place last week and nothing!!! I walked past Rob in the street in one of my very blonde moments (no offence to any blonde) so I know just how you feel right now :-(

    pS. Thanks for the FML link.....starts to make me feel a little better about myself

  4. omg tca.. if it was me i would be going through the same thing with the hubby.. agghgh hang in there..at least you are there trying !!
    i could relate, being married and being obsessed with this saga !!!

  5. You are too much:) ...Hang in there!! I'm sure all your pain and suffering WILL pay off!

  6. Animo my friend!! As much as it can hurt, really not worth it to get into trouble with your loved one (Mr. TCA, not Edward!!!)

    If it's meant to happen, it will.

    Take care and enhjoy yourself while you are there!! You are seeing Jasper for sure!!!

  7. I think Mr. TCA is being very supportive. I don't think my DH would drive me out there. Enjoy Vancouver and perhaps something will happen unexpectedly.

  8. Awe!
    I'm so routing for you.
    *fingers crossed*

  9. awwww, i hope you've learned now! hehe Cant wait for you to get back and we get the full story!


    i BLOGGED-


    Pretty sure I saw the professionals and a few others at the entry too - - - awesome!!

    Hope to see some of you tonight :P

  11. I'm so sorry you missed them :( ...Ashely looks great though! ;)

  12. *Ashley - who can't spell? *hands up*

  13. Wow Jen that is a great FML story I love it! Hang in there, have a blast at the show tonight, everyone is keeping fingers crossed for you...Mr.TCA will understand ;)

  14. Sorry darlin that you wern't able to stay. Look at the bright side at least you are in Vancouver. I am stuck in TN with the annual April tornados. I would give anything to be where you are, so your life doesn't suck as much as mine does right now.

  15. I feel your pain! LMAO :-) Your husband reminds me a bit of mine, mine thinks I'm nuts too!


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