April 8, 2009

Creeptastic, Hypnotic Contacts: Does This Make You Wanna Buy The Twilight DVD?

4tnz reports that the company that is releasing the Twilight DVD in England is hiring models to wear golden contacts with the words Twilight DVD on them. Read more about it at 4tnz.

Also, NBC Los Angeles has the following commentary:
When you live in Los Angeles, home to ads that are famously the size of a small skyscraper, a very, very tiny ad shouldn't catch the eye. And catch the eye we do mean, too: E1 Entertainment in Britain has created a contact lens promoting the release of "Twilight" on DVD & Blu-Ray in the United Kingdom. Models are donning the wee, golden-hued circles and strutting about, making eye contact with potential Edward-and-Bella fans. Creepy. In the best sense.


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