April 9, 2009

Creeptastic Contact Lenses Part Deux: They're Even *Dressed* Like Edward!!

Look what His Golden Eyes posted as a follow-up to yesterday's funny story about the contact lense ad campaign! This is so funny. I totally want to run into one of these guys!


  1. twicrack.. im so happy im not the only married chick obsessing over this saga.. and ps.. i have a child (not that old though) ha !

  2. omg. this is hilarious. i just busted out laughing right when all the "edwards" came walking around the corner. and then again when they're walking and the wind blows their jackets slightly open to reveal their pecs.

    ha! priceless.

    btw, love your blog. :)

  3. Nope..not the only married lady who loves this saga. lol

  4. OME, why didn't those guys make it to Borders?! dang it, XD the UK sure knows how to do their promotions well

  5. *waves over here*

    Married and loves the saga too...

    Good thing my husband still loves me!


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