April 22, 2009

Cougars After Robert Pattinson

Yikes. Source: MaryHartET Twitter


  1. There's nothing wrong with older women going gaga over Rob. He's hot!! We just don't view him the same way as teens do, we can differentiate(sp) between him and his character, Edward. We don't get all upset over his love life and who he dates or doesn't.

    BTW, what is a TwiMom anyway?? I am a mom who's read Twilight, but I have a 6 yr old son.

  2. I'm not sure if that's a real question, but if you really want to know what a TwiMom is, go to twilightmoms.com. There are 25,000 members of which, I am proud to say, I am one.

  3. @ Bev-amen to that.

    TwiMoms are kinda of a different breed of a Twihard. I'm a mom as well, but I would not call myself a TwiMom. A Twicrack Addict, yes. =D

  4. I guess I now am an official cougar...34 yrs old and am totally head over heels for RPattz!!! What a piece of hotness!!!!

  5. I'm a post-cougar Pattinson admirer...does that make me a child molester (he's younger than my daughter)?!

  6. I'm 35, but I don't consider myself a cougar, yet....just a cougar cub. I'm glad other over-30's responded to this.

    Rpattz is a piece of hotness, totally!! I wonder what he thinks of older women wanting him. I don't think the age difference would be a problem for him considering his father is 9 yrs older than his mother.

  7. 1. What's a cougar?
    2. TwilightMoms is cool - but I prefer Twicrackaddict! :)
    3. I'm 32 and head over heels for Taylor. I know I know it's wrong. But I tell you I just don't want to be right.

  8. I'm in the same boat as you, Juju. Yes...I feel a lot less guilt when I ogle RPatz, but I totally stan for Taylor.

  9. @juju -- aww, so sweet! :-)

    yay, post-cougars. :-)

  10. I'm 47 with a 14 year old daughter, and I find it hard to believe I have an
    'adolescent' crush on a 22 year old. It's been fun, though, and gives my daughter and I something to talk about.
    And my husband talks about living with his two 'adolescents'-he gets the benefit of my crush :)

  11. I will be upfront - I want to do Rob Pattinson!!!! Robbie, I am a smokin hot 44 year old!!!!

    What is it with this guy????

    He is so F'ing hot!!!! I have never felt this way about anyone else in Hollywood!!!!


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