April 28, 2009

Cameron Bright gets to kiss Dakota Fanning on the Cheek in their 1st scene + Won't be Going to Italy

Cameron Bright reveals to Vancouver Sun that he's been affected by Twilight mania since the day he was cast:
"It's going to be kind of weird," admits the Nanaimo actor who confesses he had to be dragged to see Twilight, the first in a series of movies based on Stephenie Meyer's popular romantic teenage vampire novels.

"All the guys were saying, 'It's a chick movie,' but it was really good," Bright recalls. "I'm glad to be a part of it."

No sooner had news reports surfaced about Bright joining the New Moon cast headlined by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Michael Sheen than he began getting text messages from his friends.

"Even if you're in it for five minutes, you're huge," says the Victoria-born actor who made his debut in a Telus commercial. "You're revered."
Of Dakota Fanning, Cameron had the following to say about meeting her at the Critic's Choice Awards in LA a couple of years ago:
"She didn't know who I was, so when I introduce myself and go, 'Hey, do you remember me?' she'll probably say no," he says, adding he should get to know her quickly on the Vancouver set. "In our first scene I get to kiss her on the cheek."

Since his scenes are interiors, he won't be joining her when exterior Volturi sequences are shot in Tuscany, however.
Inneresting. Will the Volturi show up in Vancouver soon? :-)

Read the whole article here.


  1. How cool!
    Great post.
    Is it me or is he looking grown up - fast?

  2. He IS looking grown up!

    I wonder where they will shoot the interior shots? Vancity?

  3. Why does Jane have exterior shots (in Italy)?

    Maybe I'm forgetting something, here.

  4. jane comes from the alley that edward is about to expose himself from. after the two other volturi start causing some what of a scene, jane can be heard from deeper inside the alley

  5. oh gawd, I LOVE him. He's ah-mazing, ah-dorable, and a wonderful actor. Can't wait for New Moon <33

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  7. They should date

    1. Yes... They're cute together. It's more than a brother-sister relationship. I love them to be a couple. I was so shocked to know that cameron kissed her in the cheek . And that was on the book. But they did not include it in the movie... :((


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