April 20, 2009

Bye Vancity! Nikki Reed Heads Home

Nikki Reed and her buddy Sage were spotted at the airport leaving Vancouver this morning. See more pics at Lainey Gossip.

Now that Nikki's left town, I guess we won't be seeing many more awesome fan encounter pics like these that Amy and her buddy snagged with Nikki & Sage last night at The Dills' second Metropole concert:

Amy writes:
Went to Metropole last night with a friend (Sunday) and met Nikki and Sage after the show. They were both so sweet, gave hugs, chatted and took photos. Nikki was so kind and down to earth everyone is 100% right she is a sweetheart and was happy to stand and talk to fans for a bit. Sage was so talented and very grateful to all who came out. Kristen and Taylor stayed in the roped off area and I asked Nikki if there was any chance of a quick hi or photo but she said that they were extremely tired and KStew had a bad headache, poor girl.. they were still visible though and once they all exited through the side door a few of us saw them getting into their ride outside.. all in all a great night and an awesome chance to see some of the cast just hanging out and enjoying their friend's music :)
Thanks, Amy!!

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  1. So will they be back in Vancouver for Eclipse?


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