April 9, 2009

Burly Bodyguards Protect RPattz from pics: Hush's RPattz Encounter!

(The lovely Hush Hush with Rachelle a few weeks ago)

Hush Hush, one of my TwiCrack Dealers, saw *Robert Pattinson* today at Forks High. Burly Bodyguards prevented pics, but here is what she has to say:
i went there today and saw my only Robert! omg ! i was shaking! so starstruck but couldnt get a pic coz the bulky bodyguards are everywhere! once they see you with a camera they would look at you like you're some kind of a murderer! such a piercing look. so I just watched and look at "our" only Rob! ahahha. I got a closer look at him when they did the still photos at the lobby, on the stairs and on the foyer! i went home happy. I definitely saved the best for last! ahahahah.. it looks like they were only filming biology class and cafeteria scene.
Oh, lucky Hush! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. :-)

Were they taking promo pics??? I can't wait!


  1. hold up... you saw ROB??!! OMG that must have been sooo awesome!!!!
    But where were they doing the photoshoot?? Was it in the public or did you have some sort of a pass to get in and watch?? But omg im soo jealous are are really lucky!!!

  2. we went inside the school. we were quiet though with my other friend so the other crew let us watch. we werent like screaming and yelling! but yeah me and my friend were pretty happy the whole day! the photoshoot was done in the main hallway or lobby of the school. most kids are in there class so there werent many onlookers but us.. :)

  3. yeah they totally blocked JUST when i pressed the button. it's like...perfect blocking -_-'' so sad. but i was so "omgit'srob" that the image will be forever in my brain. :) he was SO close...gorgeous...smiling...ohmygod.

  4. ashley was nowhere but i saw her stunt double. she was like jumping and skippin on the stairs! im pretty sure it wasnt ashley coz i did a closer look and nah she was just the stunt! :) but i saw her the day after! :)

  5. I will be in the Vancouver area next weekend....Does anyone know where the best place is to get a look at the cast of New Moon?

  6. the best place will be at yaletown, robson. normally at night in yaletown. for movie set i think they will be in a different school next week.

  7. Will you be posting where that set will be? I am taking my neice there for her graduation present!!!!! Thanks for your help


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