April 20, 2009

Brie Gets Autographs, Pics & Hugs from the Dills Metropole Concert

Brie shares her story of meeting Robert, Nikki & Kristen the other night:
It was awesome, we went to the show at Metropole, and Nikki Reed (Rosalie) showed up with Sage (Cecil Dill), and then a few minutes later, Rob came in and stood behind me for a minute. I kinda stared at him for a few seconds, and smiled at me with this look that made me melt.

He then walked over to where Nikki was, and everyone in the bar started staring and chattering. After a little bit, someone got up the nerve to go and ask for a picture, and then everyone else did too. I was probably the second person to ask for a pic and autograph, and he said yes. He asked what my name was, so he could autograph my book to me. He posed for a picture, and then I walked back to where my friends were sitting.

I could barely speak, I couldn't believe I just met him. After that I got up and just took more pics of him, and then got a photo of me with Nikki and Kristen, and Kristen signed my book too.

When we followed them outside, I took a video of them leaving in their limo, and we overheard a couple of paparazzi.

One of them said they were going to follow their limo, so we followed the paparazzi. We followed them to a pool hall, and then to a hotel where I got more pics and another video! It was an amazing night!

I am definitely done trying to find Rob! I got pics, an autograph, and a hug! I could die happy right now :D
Thanks, Brie!

Also, note that she's got autographs from the *Wolfpack* on her copy of New Moon, as well as ones from Jackson, Taylor, Nikki and Kristen. You can see Rob's and Kristen's on Twilight.


  1. Maybe he should just hug everyone of his fans, then maybe we'd quit trying to harrass him. Hum...how long would that take.

    Though...I don't know if one hug would do me...

  2. I would like to think I wouldn't follow him around like that....but I might.

  3. *gasp*
    She has the wolf pack.
    I'm so horribly jealous.
    Brie I wanna see pictures and hear stories about how you met them.

  4. Bless you TCA! You've got the greatest connections!

  5. i dont know if u guys have noticed but im pretty sure the black signature in first picture of the book is roberts and the purple one in second picture is Kristens signature and they have somethin similar where they both have a huge X under their signatures...just something to think about

  6. what hotel are they at in Vancouver ? (not that i will stalk them, as im thousands of miles away) just out of curiousity for a future visit. would love to think i stayed at the same hotel as RPATTZ !! :)

  7. This "fan" turned around and SOLD her pictures for $500 ... Idk about you but as a fan I would NEVER sell my pictures of a Celeb I "loved"

    Just add her to the crazy psycho STALKING fans who only want to be near the cast for fame and money....

  8. Could you show us the video when they enter the hotel plezzzzz *hugs*


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