April 21, 2009

Break-Up Scene Details + Lots o' Snark

From Lainey Gossip:
[Snark, snark, snark, snark...]

They’re shooting a scene around the woods involving Edward and Bella. Edward has to go, then leaves, then seems to be in anguish. Something about “taking his soul”. It’s the break up.
Read the snark about how KStew is in trouble for being seen in public with Oregano for yourself here, and see more Rachelle photos.

Also, I can't keep up; Lainey insists Nikki & Rob are friends with bennies, while Ted C. from E!Online keeps harping on Robsten, with recent news about how 'it' all started in Japan. I do like this adorkable karaoke story:

We're told by some workers there that when Kristen walked in the room, Rob's "eyes lit up as soon as he saw her."

R pulled out Kris' chair for her and from that moment on they were "in their own world." We're told there was definitely something going on between the good-looking duo because they kept leaning in and talking to each other the whole night.

Before the karaoke took place, apparently K.S. was nervous and wasn't sure if she wanted too. That's when Rob came over to "reassure her" she didn't have to. Gag, how cute.

Rob and Kristen were eventually joined by some more people who looked like they wanted to "separate [Rob and Kristen]," sitting between them and breaking up their convos.

After dorko evening, Kristen and Rob were supposed to go back to their hotels (they were staying at different ones, naturally), but we hear that may not have been the case. Oh, and this was supposedly when K and Michael were on one of their "breaks."

Thanks, Twilight Treasury for the link!


  1. This is all so ridiculous! We don't know any of them personally and for all the press to act like they have "inside" info is just stupid. I'm sure Kstew and Rob are super close. HELLO, they pretend to be in love all day long. I don't care how professional you are, it has to be hard to turn it completely off when the cameras are down. It's all for the job.

  2. I don't know why I'm so "okay" with a Robsten couple yet so opposed to him being with anyone besides her. Heh.

  3. Im with you, teacherchronicles. Robert and Kristin getting together would be so cute. But every time that Lainey Gossip person posts something to the contrary, I find it so irritating. Probably b/c its true! lol Oh well...So wait, you think they are paying Ted Casablanca from E! to keep up the Robsten rumors? B/c he sure seems to have lots of details as well...

  4. Well Lainey and Ted make money by having people hit on their site and everytime they put up gossip about Kristen or Rob or even just Twilight they get more hits. Still I get the feeling there has been some sort of Nikki problem which may or may not involve Rob. Kristen seems to be running interference for Nikki or protecting her or something. It could be as simple as Nikki and Catherine are close and Nikki is used to having access to the director and all things Twilight but she is not close to Chris the new director and she has a minor part in the movie so she doesn't have as much access and she feels left out. Whatever it certainly isn't Robs fault.

  5. Poor actors. Part of the game I guess. But I still feel bad for them.

  6. Me too, so much drama behind the drama! I still wouldn't mind seeing Kristen and Rob together, though, I think it would be cute.

  7. Kat, You are right on the money! Yeah...they "PRETEND" to be in love for months at a time(I absolutely love the Twilight Saga, but Twilight love is not real-it's a non-fiction book series), and by the time all the movies have been filmed it will be years! Rob has stated several times in interviews he wants a commitment...hello-if Kristen just up & leaves Michael after 2+ years for a co-star what does that say about her idea of comittment?

  8. Rob and Kristen have both admitted to having a strong bond. They went through everything together. From the early days in her apartment, getting familiar with one another, all the way to red carpet premieres. Rob admits to crying from being screamed at so much. Kristen took his hand and stayed at his side the whole time. Their a team, thats what friends do. And if they did give into that insane chemistry, who the f*** cares?! More power to them! Hey, if he was my friend and he winked at me in the way that meant, lets go back to my room, you bet your sweet ass Id grab his hand and run for the elevators at Edward speed! LOL!

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