April 10, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Hello People!

I'm jetting off to Vancouver tonight, but it's not what you think. I've had Easter-weekend tickets to visit my in-laws who live there for awhile. Nice coinky-dink, eh? Whee.

While my intent was never to set-stalk, what kind of TwiCrack Addict would I be if I didn't at least try? If anybody can help me and my Pocket Edward find our way around so that we don't end up on a wild goose chase, give me a shout-out at TwiCrackAddict[at]gmail.com - I promise to be absolutely discreet, and I don't plan to bother anybody. I just think it's funny to try! :)

Or, if you see some overly-eager person hanging around the 100 Monkeys show on Tuesday night with a bored-looking husband and baffled brother in-law, come say Hi! :-)

- TwiCrack Addict


  1. An awesome serendipitous treat.
    I can't wait to see pictures and read the full report.

  2. Argh - where will I get my fix?!?!
    Lol, have a great time - I'm sending positive set-stalking/cast-encountering vibes your way!
    Safe travels ;)

  3. I am SO jealous.

    Hell, you could probably get ON the set if you just walked up there and said "I'm Twicrack and Rob reads my blog so let me in."

    Or not. ;)

    Have a good time!

  4. I'm probably gonna have *nothing* to report, except for photos of pocket edward and me hanging out with my mother in law.

    I'll have no car; it will be as if i'm back in high school. I'm not ambitious or determined enough to set-stalk, because if I were, I would've figured this all out by now. hehe

    Day 1 - nothing. no edward, just my brother in law.
    Day 2 - mother in law thinks i'm crazy.
    Day 3 - time to go home. bye!

  5. Hey! This sounds very cool!

    Have a good time! *hugs*

  6. Sounds like fun! Have a great time! I'll be visitng family too--nothing as glamorous as Vancouver, though. Hope you have some fun Twilight experiences while you're there!

  7. Nobody be jealous. Seriously, I'm probably going to be stuck in the suburb of Richmond the entire time, eating Dim Sum every day. I don't think that the cast is hanging out in Richmond. hehehe.

    This is probably going to be a fruitless endeavor and the only thing that I'll return home with will be a muffin-top from over-eating.

  8. Uhuh! Coincidence huh? Did you convince your in-laws to move there? What a stalker!

    Jealous? Me? NEVER!

    Have fun babe :)) Hope you get to bump into Rob in his hotel, lol :))

    Keep your camera charged and ready at all times :))

  9. Yay - you're bringing pocket Edward along for the ride! Don't worry - I've reason to believe that in-laws can be surprisingly tolerant of OCD. At least my MIL was when DH outed me...

    Have a great time! Get a pic of OME with Jacksper! And don't talk to strangers!!!
    : )

  10. I'll give daily updates of how sad I am...

    Day 4: So close, yet so far away -- Stuck at Chinese grocery store with Mother-in-law and grumpy brother in law, buying pastries. Pocket Edward is not happy.

  11. Yeah, but THAT would make for the best photo op (aside from Edward, that is...)

  12. And I got back last night!!!! Good luck with the set thing...the security is tight and apparently one of the guards said to my friend that the moms were worse than the teenagers!!!lmao....good job I left my kids at home then ;-) I'll email you.

  13. Actually that would be a pretty funny picture: pocket Edward giving "real Edward" a peck on the cheek!

    Have a great trip! Love your website!

  14. You're going to the 100 Monkey show! Your husband will not be bored and your brother in law will not be baffled. The 100 Monkeys are awesome and they will be rocking out. You will see Jackson and other cast member will be at the show. You will love the other Monkeys ( Jerad, Ben J. and Ben G.) Bored at a 100 Monkey show. Bite your tongue woman. That will never happen.

    April 10, 2009 12:23 PM

  15. Have fun in Vancouver! It is such a great city. I would so love you even more if you actually met Rob and whipped out Pocket Edward!

  16. I will be there Tuesday as well! See you there! I will be the one alone because no one wanted to go with me lol

  17. linzee -- do you know how to ensure we get in? i rsvp'd, but i dunno if that means anything.

  18. Yeah I rsvp'd and I even emailed the venue and he said if we show up before 10pm we won't have a problem :) Which is great because I'm driving in from an hour away.


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