April 16, 2009

Beverly Gets a *Hug* From Her Cullen Crush Jackson

Several other lucky fans got to meet the Twilight cast at the 100 Monkeys show last night, including Beverly, who shared her cool story with me:

I went up and introduced myself, shook his hand and told him I was a huge fan. I think I held onto his hand the whole time I chatted with him heehee =) I said to him: "It's so nice to meet you, my name is Bev, I'm a huge fan, you do awesome work, I hope you're having a good time in Vancouver." He was sooooooo nice and sweet =) We chatted for a bit, I honestly don't remember all the details it was sooooo surreal and I was soooooo lost in his deep blue-green eyes and soft Southern drawl and he just had such a nice, calming, serene presence around him. We talked about the show a bit, I kept saying: "You guys were sooooo awesome tonight!!!" He introduced me to his band member, at this point Dave was talking to them as well. Then I leaned in and asked in his ear: "Is it OK if I get a picture with you?"
and he goes: "Yeah for sure."

But then these 3 girls came and started talking to him. So I waited patiently and started talking to this girl beside me whose friend was also talking to the other band members. The 3 girls kepy chatting with him, but once in a while he'd look my way, our eyes would meet and we'd share a smile, and I'd tell him with my eyes it's OK I'll wait til the girls leave before i get my picture.

Finally they left, so I went up to him again and said: "Can I get that picture now?" And he said: "Yeah!" So I waved [my husband] over and he came with the camera. And he took the pic. I was soooo happy about the picture, Jackson was so sweet, he leaned in close and I think he put his hand on my back, our cheeks were almost touching and we took the perfect picture. I chatted with him for a little bit, about their band being based in LA, etc, etc... Then I knew it was time for goodbye. So I said: "Can I ask for a hug?" And he smiled and was like: "Yeah for sure!" And he gave me a nice big warm hug it was sooooo sweet =) I said into his ear: "Thank you sooooo much, enjoy the rest of your stay in Vancouver."
Thanks, Beverly!


  1. I think it is so interesting that Beverly said this about Jackson: "[...] he just had such a nice, calming, serene presence around him."OMG he is Jasper!

    LOL, I will go be jealous in a corner now. And await that e-mail you promised about Jackson...?

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Vancouver! :-D

  2. So. Jealous. (but happy for her anyway!!!!)

  3. GO BEV! You rock! Awesome story and awesome pic. Thanks for sharing.


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