April 18, 2009

Bella's House Getting Ready for Shoots!

Twilight-Gossip.com has photos and video from Bella's House, which looks like it's getting ready for filming!


  1. Love it! Their set designer has done a fine job!

  2. Hi I was wondering if you knew any exact adresses or close to them of
    either bellas house set or cullens house set or Jacobs shed set or the
    meadow or anywhere they are shooting today april 18 because I be been
    searching for so long I even went to David Thompson secondary but the
    were done shooting there so if you know any sets please can i bave
    them because I would really appreciate it. And if I get any videos or
    pictures I will for sure post them on your site

  3. im pretty sure they are done at jacobs house i went past it the other day and there is nothing there anymore


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