April 21, 2009

Save the Date: Bella & Edward Anthony Masen Are Gettin' Hitched

Maritza sent me this scan from Martha Stewart's Wedding Magazine, where you can see among yummy recipes a Renaissance Writings wedding invitation ad featuring Bella & Edward's big day! Thanks, Maritza!


  1. These are pretty but considering how traditional/old world Bella's dress was - I think the invite would be more formal and old school.

  2. Someone in the art department is a TWILIGHT fan! :)

  3. I agree Juju! They are cute, but aren't Bella and Edward to me.

  4. You can even see the father f the Groom lusted in the close up. Precious!!! Although...this could be some crazy marketing scheme.

  5. That is the most precious thing I have ever seen. But your right, in Breaking Dawn the wedding invites have a rose petal paper thing. I remember it when Billy gave Jake the invite.
    Still, it's awsome that it was there. I probablly wouldnt have looked at it long enough o notice. Thanks.

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