April 24, 2009

Bears, Gnomes & Twilight Stars: TwiFans' Alison's Vancity Adventures

Look who TwiFan's Alison and her daughters ran into on Day 2 of their Vancouver adventures! Read all about Alison's New Moon Cast Encounters. Alison shares how Ashley was surrounded by older ladies handing her cell phones to call their daughters to leave voice mails and calls.

Also, check out this close-up shot of the entrance to Bella's house and the bear from Alison's 1st day in Vancouver visiting Bella's house. You can also see more awesome photos, including this one with the Gnome, in her Day 1 @ Jacob's house write-up.


  1. I love how she said her mom was awestruck with Taylor and couldn't speak.

  2. What a cool story!!
    But I have to say that the entore Twilight cast make me feel so self conscious... and ugly


  3. twilightluver4evaApril 25, 2009 at 2:41 AM

    Which Hotel is this??

  4. i wonder if that gnome has a purpose i dont think so

  5. When I saw the gnome i laughed for a while lol. It's so random...maybe it's the travelocity gnome! lol


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