April 29, 2009

Be Robert Pattinson's Leading Lady in 'Remember Me'

If scoring a spot in Twilight didn't suit, maybe you can try out for 'Remember me'.
Summit Entertainment, the production company behind The Twilight Saga films, is currently in pre-production for a new project titled Remember Me, and Robert Pattinson will be starring in the film. Remember Me is shooting this summer in New York while the actor is between Twilight sequels New Moon, which wraps at the end of May, and Eclipse, which starts in August.

A female lead is in the process of being cast, while Rachel Getting Married writer Jenny Lumet and Will Fetters have finished the latest draft of the screenplay. Summit co-chairman and CEO Patrick Wachsberger described the film as this generation’s Love Story.
Get more details at Acting 411. Thanks to ROBsessed!


  1. Oh to be hot and an actor right now.

    But I'm neither and unless they are wanting a 30 year old soccer mom who exercises once a week and at the end of the day looks like she's been inside a tornado...then I'm not even going to bother. :(

  2. hi heather s! yeah, they don't want me either. I'm a teenager trapped in the body of a 30ish frumpy-frump.

  3. So glad they are searching for an actress. I can't think of one I'd like to see in the role. And yet you see so many real talented actresses in community theater. I've always felt you see better actresses in cheap productions 10 miles from your home than ever come from Hollywood.

  4. Hi, I'm Tânia from Portugal. I've been a reader of this blog for a long time, but this is my first comment. The blog is so good... it's the first site I visit when i turn on the computer. Congrats!!! :)

  5. what is the woman meant to look like?? I'm 18 years old lol .. Na i think i would be so nervous around Rob i'll throw up on him haha.

  6. omg i dont know if i would be able to handle being so close to him....

    but this would make it easier to begin the fantasy in my head and actually meet him so he can finally start falling in love with me...

    very tempting...

  7. -Phiaa, that would be so hilarious!! i think i would puke too. joyous puke.

    Tania C -- thanks so much for reading my blog! :-)


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