April 6, 2009

Ashley Greene Hanging Out at MyHouse with Some Cute Guy :-)

Ashley Greene and Inkheart's Rafi Gavron were spotted making their way into MyHouse nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday night (April 3). See more pics at JJJ.

BTW, how bizarro / cool are these Ashley & Kellan videos by Tyler Shields?


  1. i <3 rAFI...Miss A has good taste ;)

    Those vids are amazing!

  2. this videos are pretty cool...but i dont really get why they made them and wht theyre about?? does anyone know? but they do look cool atleast!

  3. That "Cute Guy" was in Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist - he was one of the band members. His real name is Rafi Gavron.

  4. Love the first video. Very "dark". And Radiohead makes it perfect.


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