April 17, 2009

Alexandre Desplat to Compose New Moon Score?

New Moon Movie reports that Carter Burwell may not be involved with the New Moon soundtrack:
Will you work on the sequels to Twilight?

As I understand it, the director of New Moon, Chris Weitz, has hired Alexandre Desplat to composer the music for the film. Desplat composed the music for Weitz' earlier film The Golden Compass. I don't know if they'll use any of my themes from Twilight, such as "Bella's Lullaby".
Read it at Carter Burwell's website.


  1. I'm truely bummed because I love Carter's work and Bella's lullaby is my favorite.

    In fact Rob...please come play it for me!


  2. Carter's work was wonderful but I'm excited to see what the new guy brings to the table.

    Maybe he'll add a new cool twist to Bella's lullaby.

  3. Bella's lullabay have to be in the movie!!! That's Bella's song!! He gave it to her in New Moon and sing it for her through all books!


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