April 17, 2009

Alex Meraz at '17 Again' Premiere in LA + Tinsel Korey in Vancouver

Lion & Lamb Love is spoiling us today with their photos of Alex Meraz at the LA premiere of '17 Again'! Sigh. They've also posted photos of Tinsel Korey from The Artist Sanctuary VIP Lounge back in March. Go check out all the pics at Lion & Lamb Love LJ.


  1. Way cool pictures!
    Let's hear for the wolf pack!

  2. She is going to be so stunning as Emily!

  3. Feel free to put up all the Alex Meraz you want...

  4. Oh my god I try to continue to scroll down the page but cant stop looking at the picture.. that is torture

  5. His hair doesn't look great...but his face does! <3 She's prettttty!

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