March 19, 2009

Controversial (and kinda unfair) Kristen is a Bitch Interview Posted on Perez

Ooh, I cringed when I first saw this posted at New Moon Movie, but now it's been blasted across cyber-space via Perez Hilton. Read about it at Perez Hilton. :-(


  1. Wouch - I know Kristen comes off a little "eh" sometimes but I actually really like her!

    I think she's often misread as "bitchy" when, in reality, she just not fake - I can't stand people who "pretend" to be all nicey nice when they're really the opposite!

    If she's such a "bitch" then why do so many of her co-workers always say how great she is?!

    Not cool :(

  2. nooooo it was removed by the user. If you get another link, please post it!

  3. Wow! Dan I hear a hint of jealousy? I know you're just pissed that you don't get to make out with Rob and Kristen does. Go watch "Little Ashes" on youtube for the hundreth time.

  4. P.s. I suggest we redirect our comments: - you don't mess with Twilighters, dude!!!

  5. I think that is definitely unfair...dont ask about kissing R.P. ask about Adventureland or New Moon the movie not what its like to kiss R.P that is said and done...I couldnt see the video but I think a little attitude to that dumbass question is allowed.

  6. I saw this earlier today, and it annoyed me so much. I'm just sick of all this let's just hate Kristen stuff.
    That interviewer is a moron. I mean how many times they're going to ask Kristen that quiestion. I feel sorry for all of them, and for Rob also because he is always mentioned in that kind of trivial way.
    Both MTV hosts are morons. That guy should be suspended or something, or at least apologize. And Pariz Hilton is a kind of person who just decides that he doesn't like someone, and they he'll bash them what ever they do. He is a creep.
    Kristen didn't do anything wrong, that interviewer was just wasting Jesses and Kristens time. If you're going to interview someone when they're promoting their NEW movie then ask at least semi smart questions about THAT movie!
    Just wait until Eclipse, it will be this shit all over again..."So Kristen, how was it kissing Taylor?" hahah...this will never end.

  7. I'm totally on Kristen's side. Anyway, they're idiots they do an after show about 'The Hills' omg, really? They're just not used to Kristen's realness because they're addicted to watch the fakest crap on tv aka the hills! EW


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