March 21, 2009

Will Robert Pattinson Show up at Sam Bradley's Concert Tonight? NO, because the Show was *last* night...duh

From the Vancouver Sun:

Thousands of fans will be wondering if Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is going to show up on Vancouver's Commercial Drive Saturday evening to watch his pal, Canadian singer/songwriter Sam Bradley, perform.

Best friends Bradley and Pattinson co-wrote the hit single from the Twilight soundtrack, Never Think-Too Far Gone.

The show, featuring Bradley and his band The Men, are performing a show at the Grandview Legion at 2005 Commercial Drive. The doors open at 7 p.m.

The show is sold out.

Bradley and his band are returning from a European tour and will perform songs from his his upcoming album, tentatively titled Passport, as well as his hit single.

But the question remains: Will the Twilight vampire, who is in Vancouver shooting the flick's sequel, New Moon, appear to hear his pal, or even perform alongside him? And will other cast members keep him company?

Fans will find out Saturday evening on The Drive.

**EDIT**: Sorry, somebody at the Vancouver Sun is on TwiCrack; According to Sam Bradley's MySpace, that show was LAST night, not tonight. Sorry for getting anybody's hopes up! Susan went to the show last night, and says that RPattz was not there.

Thanks, Susan!


  1. Hi there!

    The Tourism association of Montepulciano have just said to the staff of that new moon will be shot there beginning on may 25 to may 30!

    They are already organizing something in collaboration with the township so the poor actors will not be overwhelmed by the crazy italian fangirls ;-P

  2. My friends and I were at the Sam Bradley show last night (Friday March 20th.) at the Grandview Legion on Commercial. I think that maybe the info. in the Vancovuer Sun is wrong? If you check Sam's MySpace page, it only lists the Friday March 21st. show.

    Oh, and no... Rob wasn't there :(

  3. Why does your title say Bobby Long when it was Sam Bradley's show. You silly girl!

  4. Sorry! It seems that *I* am the one on major TwiCrack. I suck. hehe.

  5. i think he was there but remained backstage the entire evening. sam was making a lot of gestures and shot a lot of looks in that direction. that is just my opinion, of course, and i may be totally off base about that. during one song in particular (it was getting near the end of his show), it really seemed like sam was trying hard to get "someone" to come out, but without success. i think "someone" got a bad case of shyness or didn't want to steal the thunder, cause a riot, or a combo of 2 or 3 of those options. again, just my humble opinion.

  6. What canadagirl said, many people are saying that he was there but backstage.

  7. He was there, and so was Kristen ...check out for a pic


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