March 16, 2009

What's Kellan Lutz Taking a Pic of?

Lainey Gossip has supplied us with more pics of weekend Vampire comings and goings. Check them out here. As much contempt as Lainey seems to have for us "super-loser" Twilight fans, she sure doles out the good TwiCrack:
Kellan Lutz and Edi Gathegi left Vancouver on Friday night and Nikki Reed and Rachelle Lefevre departed on Saturday morning – all photographed at Vancouver airport on the heels of Kristen Stewart, Jackson Rathbone, and Ashley Green.

Robert Pattinson, as I reported Friday afternoon, also said goodbye – for now – to Vancouver and spent part of the weekend in Arkansas hanging out with the folks from… Walmart?

Yes. Walmart.

They sent a private plane and flew him in for a presentation at the headquarters. Why? Walmart and Summit have signed a deal – Walmart will be sectioning off an area at each store dedicated to “Twilight”, heavily pimping the Edward doll, among other things.

As Summit’s most valued commodity, Pattinson, naturally, was obliged to be nice to the new investors. Smile for the money! And so, on Saturday morning, he proceeded to further piss away any vestiges of street cred he has left all in support of the Twilight DVD.
Lisa Loeb


  1. Haha, poor Rob - his contract must be pretty tight :(
    And I always wanted Lisa Loeb's glasses :D

  2. I also think the Wallmart show is quite sad, I really hope for his future professional career that this kind of events are not very numerous. I didnt have the heart to even watch the video.


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