March 6, 2009

What is 'Wide Awake' and Why are Twilight Fans Going Crazy For it?

Can somebody please tell me what the fuss over Wide Awake is and why legions of Twilight fans are crazy over this fan-fiction?

I just read an interesting interview with Wide Awake's author, Angstgoddess, who describes how she began writing her Twilight-inspired story, Wide Awake, after her crushing disappointment over Breaking Dawn. You can read the exclusive interview here.

Well, given that Midnight Sun is still on ice, I'm inspired to read Wide Awake! If it's anywhere near as addictive as Twilight, I'm in big trouble. :-) You can read Wide Awake via Angstgoddess03's Live Journal.


  1. You will be hooked, fair warning. This story is every bit as addictive as Twilight, if not more so. At first, you can't believe you will ever actually like this version of Edward ... and then you find you actually, impossibly, like him even more. I've read it three times already and it's not even finished yet.

  2. This story is a big hit at our website also. We have an entire thread devoted to it on our site, with the number of followers only second to that for "The Submissive:
    Here is a link for our Wide Awake discussion:
    People were outraged and said to be in tears when pulled 2 chapters for no apparent reason.

    A story that is creating an even bigger stir among my forum readers is "The Submissive". It was recently finished. Wide Awake, is still an unfinished story.

    BTW, thanks for posting an article about FF! It is nice to get some press for these great stories.

    PersonalMiracle CBA FF Admin

  3. Soooooooo adictive!! You'll love it ;)

  4. I didn't think I would like "all human" Twilight fan fiction, but after hearing so much about Wide Awake, I made an exception... So glad I did. This story is riveting. Angsty, psychological drama, that apparently means to take the characters on a journey beyond their co-dependent little bubble.

    Highly recommend!

  5. Have you read it yet??? I am assuring you wont be disappointed. I ate it in 2 days!!! Again my job is paying the consequences!!!

  6. I just got caught up with it yesterday. I seriously didn't like this Edward in the beginning, but I did end up loving him and I was in tears in chapter 44. Although the mom in me seriously wants to fuss about his mouth.

  7. All I had to do was scan through it to know I didn't want to read it because of the cursing. The one thing I enjoyed about Meyer's books was that there wasn't cursing in's a lazy mind's way of expressing itself and thankfully, Stephenie Meyer's mind isn't lazy!

  8. To Anonymous;

    Compared to AngstGoddess003, Stephenie Meyer is one lazy BITCH. AG actually uses feelings and details and isnt just repeating the same thing over and over again. I'm telling you, after reading Wide Awake, I could NOT read twilight again. I tried, but AngstGoddess completly blows SM out of the water in the author department AND the imaginative department. It's truly amazing that AG is not published and SM is.

  9. i hate foul language in general, but LOVED this story and came to realize that the story actually wouldn't be the same without it because it's a part of his character...

    Wide Awake is JUST as addicting as Twilight!

  10. The cursing aside, WA is great! I stayed up 24 hours straight to read the first 49 chapters. The characters, plot and themes are well developed - WA isn't some Twilight hack job.

    AG makes me empathize with but loath Bella for her selfishness - if it were physically possible to jump into the story to protect Edward from her, I'd do it. It isn't often that a story brings forth this type of reaction to fictional characters. I'm eagerly anticipating it's completion.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the first two chapters of AG's 'Of Gemini and Gypsies'...I hope AG continues this story as well.

  11. Any one got a clue when the next chapter of WA is coming out?? Or even 'G&G'? I like that one too.

  12. It is utterly addictive, it was my first fanfic and after that I'm still searching for the one that would me make forget Wide Awake, nope, not such luck...nobody ever forgets its first.
    The psychology part of Wide Awake is really scientific sounded, I did some research about mental problems (bf story) and I can guarantee that much of the theories about the characters are truth...GREAT story, SO MUCH MUCH better and REAL than Twilight, love here is not granted, it is something worth to live and die for...

  13. I just started Wide Awake a few days ago and am about 600 pages in (I have 3 babies and a full time job so not 24hr reading sessions for me) but I would if I could. The story is excellent and soo super addictive. I find myself reading it at red lights and in between calls/emails at work. I'm more obsessed than I was with Twilight.


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