March 15, 2009

What the Hale? Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, The *MING* Reader

So, I finally caved-in and bought my own Edward Dolly Action Figure, only to find out that my Edward is defective. Instead of having mind-reading powers, his special ability is MING READING. heh.


  1. LOL- so he is an expert in chinese crockery. Its all good :)

    I will be caving soon to

  2. I didn't know where else post this, but here:

    they say that New Moon won't be shot in Volterra but in Montepulciano because the locations are "more beautiful for the movie"

    the source is the official italian fanclub of the twilight saga. They took the news from Piera Detassis, the director of the main movie magazine in Italy. she was at dinner with the producers of the movie when the bomb was dropped!

  3. Hee-hee- yay for your pocket Edward! Your dh is super sweet; mine is super JEALOUS of a 7 inch doll... silly boy. I have mine looming over his Speed Racer car just for effect...

    I plugged you tonight- hope you have a great turnout!

  4. LOL! Mine said that too. Maybe 'ming' reading is even better than mind reading!

  5. Looks like they forgot to use Spell Check ...

    No way would my DH ever "let" (i.e. ever stop laughing at) me get an Edward doll lol. He laughed enough when I wanted to preorder the DVD!


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