March 5, 2009

We May Have Been Punk'd: Brenna Lee Roth Story Sounds More Bogus By the Minute, Claims Louisiana Filming Took Place

I *knew* the whole Brenna Lee Roth thing smelled a bit like crap.

Twilight Lexicon has updated their blog post -- looks like somebody was trying to punk the Twilight fandom.

However, MarketSaw persists in defending the integrity of its interview with the following blog update:
"**UPDATE: March 5 - Some comments have been made about how Brenna could be talking about the NEW MOON set when they haven't started shooting. Well they HAVE started shooting. Here is Brenna's quote: "If they haven't started filming yet... how will the film be done and in theatres by November? We filmed in Baton Rogue [sic]."

So if you have been waiting on the Vancouver location, you missed the Louisiana location."
Err...ok. Where's the proof, dude?

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