March 15, 2009

Wanna Win a Walmart Twilight Party Pack?

Make us all laugh and you can win a Twilight “Party pack” with everything you need for watching the DVD with friends that includes the following goodies, courtesy of Walmart:
  • Twilight Soundtrack
  • Twilight t-shirts
  • Door hangers
  • Tattoos
  • Candles
  • Pepsi
  • Doritos
  • Popcorn
  • Gift cards
Contest Rules

You have 2 separate and easy chances to win. Each entry will be entered into a randomly-generated lottery to identify the winning TwiCrack Addict. So what do you have to do?

1) Make us pee in our pants: Share a funny joke, hilarious Twilight-related video, photo, etc.! It can really be anything, as long as it's Funny as Hale. Leave your entry in the comments section of this post for all to enjoy
or if it's easiest, email your submission me at Twicrackaddict [at]; I'll compile the best of them for a blog post!

2) Link back to TwiCrack Addict: Share the love! Blog / Twitter about one of my posts, add me to your blogroll, grab my RSS feed, or become my blog follower. Leave me a comment with a link to your post or evidence of how you linked back to me.

Mucho Important Notes:
  • Provide Contact Info: For each entry, please be sure to leave your email address in the comments so that I can reach you if you win!
  • Deadline: Entries must be received by Tuesday, March 17th at 7 pm EST.
  • US Shipping Addresses Only: Super sorry, everybody outside of the U.S.! In order for this basket to get to you by the weekend, the contest is limited to US addresses only. :-(
P.S. Dang...I wish I was eligible for my own contest. Those Doritos looks really good right now.


  1. Oh! Fun contest--I'll play. Here's my entry:
    and my email address is newmoonmovie dot org @ gmail dot com

  2. do you have to be american to enter?

  3. Mayaa...let me check with the Walmart peeps who are going to send the prize directly to the winner and see! :)

  4. I have link back to.

    Thanks for the contest. ;)

  5. My email is
    Sorry I'm multitasking and getting confused.

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  7. I have you linked to my site twifessions dot blogspot dot com. My email is netherly_p at

  8. My funny Twilight moment was at the opening night for the movie in my home town. Several girls wearing Jacob Team T-Shirts sat in front of me in the theaters and talked nonstop about how Bella should get over Edward and go for Jacob. At the end of the movie when we were leaving, the same gaggle of girls were claiming their undying love of Edward and were planning to change loyalties immediately. The sexiness of Rob strikes again! haha That made my night.


  9. I'm french, I'm gonna try, who knows!
    Here is for me the funniest twilight moment ever!

  10. I love your Blog and linked to it on mine. Check it out at: Thanks for the contest I'll cross my fingers!!

  11. 1)I'm not totally sure if you will find this funny but I definitely did. So when I first became immersed Twilight I was "in the closet" sorta. I used to think becoming obsessive with stuff like that was weird and only something teenie boppers did (i'm 22 so i guess i'm not that far from a teenie bopper!) but I was becoming unaware of my deep growing obsessed with Twilight! To the point where I youtubed and googled stuff about twilight daily. One day I was watching the video on 7 ways to be like Edward Cullen. I didn't realize my fiancee was in the background actually listening that day. Randomly the following week out of nowhere he said "OME oh my edward" and that was a phrase used in the video. I was so embarrassed because I always stated that it was weird to have an obsession so deep but I later laughed it off because I was caught! Now I'm out of the closet and he makes fun of me every chance he gets! I don't know, its purely situational but I laughed!

    2) you are in my blog roll i'm the biggest bride to be twicrack addict!

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  13. Here is one of may many links back to you!
    (you're also in my permanent list of linked sites)
    twilight1935 at gmail dot com

  14. Love -- that story is awesome! Thanks for making me smile! :-)

  15. Ooh,I love contests!! Here's my submission.

    You're already permanently linked to our site!!
    email is

  16. long time lurker :)
    here is my entry (post on twitter)

    email is sumshel at gmail dot com

  17. I am now following you on our blog Moms In Love With Forks and you are listed on the blog as a Favorite Website. I also sent you an email with a HILARIOUS story, or two ;) ~Lucy

  18. I'll share a funny link, too--well at least I think it's funny--

  19. i'm not sure if you'll find this funny..
    but they were fun to watch :D

    or if you have 10 minutes to spare :D

    email :

  20. You know you've been on my blog for a long time, but I did post about this giveaway too...and of course there are numerous other posts linking back to your blog.

    A friend of my mom's who hadn't read the book went with us to see the movie. As we were leaving the theater, she said "That was the hottest movie I've ever seen to have NO sex in it!"

    The third, or maybe fourth time I went to see Twilight, there was a girl sitting behind me who, as Bella is reading through the book she bought in Port Angeles suddenly gasps and says, very loudly..."He's a Vampire!" Not exactly sure what rock she'd been under or what she thought the movie was about. But I suppose she did follow Edward's directions and "Say it. Out loud. Say it." LOL

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  22. OME - I. Want. This. I have you linked all over the place at but most recently in my last post (which I'd like to nominate in the "funny" category if a blog post can count - lol... well, it cracked me and JJ up, anyway, but we're a couple of weirdoes...)
    Thanks for the contest, TC!

  23. How do you stop Jacob Black from attacking you?
    You pick up a stick, throw it and yell 'fetch'! (forgot to leave my email earlier)

  24. I found this on you tube and I hope it counts since I didn't make it. It cracked me up though. It's hilarious and a bit demented.

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  26. I follow your blog and subscribe through reader. Here is my email:
    carogonza1 (at) yahoo (dot ) com

  27. Here's my link entry

  28. OK OK,
    Why did Dracula go to jail?
    - Because he robbed the blood bank



  29. My blog is definitely linked to yours, I will be posting a blog post especially for this contest today, and I'm about to make you laugh in 3...2...1...

  30. Oh yeah, here's my email addy:

  31. You are on our blog list on our blog and our main source for Twilight news (thanks for that!)

    One semi-funny thing, my mother (who I had finally dragged to the theater after I had seen Twilight 5 times) was like the one girl that gasped "He's a vampire!" midway through the movie... But then she had an epiphany.. She whispered to me "OH, his dad is a VAMPIRE too... but wait, why the heck doesn't anyone ask why this crazy guy is runnin around a hospital with lipstick on... whatta weird guy!" That is pretty much all she said about the movie... and she is still confused on how Dr. Cullen was a vampire and a doctor... LOL

  32. whoops... e-mail: Thanks! :)



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